New Year, Same Old Me?

I’ve never been the type to ponder on about new year’s resolutions and the whole  ‘new year, new me’ spectacle. Honestly, at the beginning of this year I had absolutely no resolutions and no intentions to make any drastic changes to my life (I know, I was really girl-lazy-motivation-sleep-favim-com-2098174unmotivated!). But it turns out, the new year finds a way of creeping itself into your life and beckoning you to make some changes. It first started when I had to register for university (I’ll be starting second year in a few weeks) This kind of gave me a wake call, kicking me back into gear and showing me how many things I actually had to do! Once I managed to register and choose my subjects for the year I received my timetable (it’s quite crappy if I could just point that out). This is where my first (unplanned) new year’s resolution came into view.

And before I start listing my ‘non-new year’s resolution resolutions’ just know that they may just be the definition of cliché, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

As I was saying my first resolution:

Getting good marks in university (not just passing this year) and managing to keep up with work!

This became my first resolution because my first year of university is where I chose to test the waters to see what university was really like, I started off last year treating it the same way as I treated high school. I assumed that it would be fine considering I did fairly well in school… oh but how wrong I was and that managed to turn around and bite me in the ass! In order to avoid this, I’ve decided to work harder this year.

Now my second resolution is even more cliché than the first (if that’s even possible) and if you haven’t figured it out already, here it is:

Join the gym (or don’t) but get fit and healthy

This one, I must admit, has been something I’ve been trying to do most of last year, and new-years-resolutions-e1450848734897sorry to disappoint but I failed countless times. It was really strange how I wasn’t getting any fitter with the crazy amount of walking that I had to do in university just getting from the car park to class in the morning (not to mention that the whole walk is uphill)! Though it may be possible that all my stress eating managed to cancel out the effects of all the walking. The good news is, I’ve already started working on this resolution! This past week I’ve been getting my yoga on doing a bit of running and I really feel a lot happier doing it. I’ll be going to a yoga studio for the next two weeks (it’s only affordable for two weeks because of new year’s specials) and after that, I’ll be joining the gym… and for real this time!

And my last resolution is more something I would like to do just for myself and for experience… which basically makes it a resolution I guess. My last resolution will therefore be:

Get a job!

Just like the gym, I’ve tried this one out last year but (just like the gym) it didn’t quite work out. Getting a job is goddamn hard! It’s hard because no one really wants a part-time student working only certain hours of certain days and those who do want students already have students hired! But this year I have a plan and that is that I am going to become a tutor (I have the number and everything) So now all I have to do is call the number, which I must admit is a lot harder to do than I expected.

It turns out that for someone who isn’t into new year’s resolutions, I have quite a few resolutions to work on (and hopefully stick to) this year!


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