A Crazy Case of Wanderlust ✈︎

I want to see the northern lights in Norway, I want to walk under the many hot air balloons in Cappadocia, I want to sit in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris eating baguettes and drinking wine. I want to swim with turtles and feed elephants in Thailand, I want to climb to the top of a great ancient Mayan temple in Peru and admire the sea of trees below me. I want to stand on the grounds where so many before me stood, where history was made and where civilisations began.


After spending about the last 4 hours watching travel videos on YouTube, it turns out that I may have a crazy case of wanderlust. I’m practically ready to pack my bags right this second, get on a plane and travel somewhere. Somewhere I can meet new people, learn new things and experience different cultures. But… there is one thing stopping me right now, university. I don’t think it would be my brightest idea to just pack up and leave in the middle of getting my degree. I’ve only just made it through my first year of university (exciting right!?) which means that I am one year closer to getting my BA law degree in 2018, which is closer than I thought especially when I look at how quickly 2016 flew before my eyes. So now I’ve conjured up this idea that I’m going to save up for a break after I get my degree, whether I am backpacking, hitchhiking or volunteering, and I’m not talking about an eat, pray, love journey where I find myself (although if I do end up finding myself I’ll be sure to let you know).

I know some people may ask, “why not take a gap year after school?” Well firstly that boat has sailed and I personally feel…felt? that I was not ready emotionally and on a level of maturity. I mean it takes a lot to pack up and leave straight after high school, not knowing what you want to do or where you want to go. I feel that I need the experience of university before I embark on such a journey, where I am able to become more independent and comfortable with being me and being on my own. I am honestly so happy that I chose to study this year because I really love it! University is such an eye opener, it exposes you to so many new things and new people (and I know… travelling can do the same). I find that university has really helped me build some sort of path that I may want to follow. And yes this path is always changing direction and some parts are missing making it really hard to follow at times, but before university I was lost. No path in sight, no direction of where to go nor where I wanted to be.

I am blessed enough to say that I have travelled overseas before… quite a few times if I’m being honest. I mentioned before I always enjoy experiencing and learning new and different things. I find that travelling allows us to step out of this little bubble of naivety that we sometimes find ourselves in. Travelling shows us how unique the world really is, teaching us cultural differences and making us aware of what is happening outside of our own country (a different type of experience to that of a university and so that is why I can’t necessarily compare the two). I personally find this exciting being able to see, feel and taste different cultures of the world (whether that means eating the best spring rolls in Vietnam or the strangest ice cream, beans and noodles dessert in Malaysia… I kid you not, there were noodles in my ice cream!).


And you thought I was joking!


This hunger for adventure (not beans and no20161125_112223odles flavoured ice cream) is what makes us quit our jobs to travel the world and to take gap years after school or university. So this means that it is time for me to get out my savings jar (since I have not yet opened a savings account) and to find a job (which I’ve recently learnt is really hard to do when you have no experience) to sponsor my year off after university.