A (Class)Room With A View

Imagine you’re sitting in class in high school and one of your teachers is lecturing the class about something we’ve all heard before. Now focus on what this teacher is saying. Are they telling you about how important it is for you to study now so that you can get into university? Are they telling you that it is consequential for you to excel in your work so that you will be accepted into a good university? Are they telling you about how the things that you are learning now are going to help you later on in life? Or how without this what is there for you to do?

Now lets jump to your final matriculant exams. The exams that are lead out to be there most important thing in your life. For without them there is basically nothing you can do? Just think about how you’re sitting there finally applying all the theories and formulas that you have been taught throughout your high school career.

You’re now in your final exam, the last exam that you’ll ever write in your high school career, the last of the exams that you spent hours, days, months, studying for and it has all added up to this moment. This final moment, for you to spew out these words and numbers onto the paper before you, because if you don’t in time enhanced-23519-1393520528-17you may not pass, you may not get accepted into the university of your choice, you may not be able to study the thing you’ve always dreamed of, you may not get that distinction which you do deserve. But then the invigilator tells you that time is up and that you need to put your pens down because thats it. Your whole school career has built up to this moment, to write down everything you’ve learned over the past 12 years in a 3 hour exam, because thats how we determine your worth.

A month or two have passed and your results are being released. You stare at the symbols and numbers that tell you what university you go to or what job you can apply for. These marks hold the power to tell you whether you can study what you want in the university of your choice. And once you’ve made it to the lecture hall in a university, those symbols… those numbers, they don’t matter, no one cares how many A’s you got, whether you got 60% for your favourite subject or if your marks were the best in your class. You’re in a whole new ball park now.


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